IMT Nagpur shows right intent for startup growth

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Young startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs saw an euphoria when Leaders of the startup world gathered for Pantheon 2019. This is one of the India’s biggest Young Entrepreneurship Conclave organised by The Entrepreneurship Cell, IMT Nagpur.

It was an honor to be speaking on the panel on ‘Consumer trends in digital native startups’ & ‘E-talks’. I was amazed by the energy of the students in the auditorium. It was like every students wanted to be an entrepreneur. Every student has an idea but what they were looking for is – How to channelize those ideas and put it in working. I always look for such opportunities where I can come forward and share my experience as a co-founder with young aspiring entrepreneurs and help them build the next unicorn startup maybe.

Other panelist included Mikhil Inani – Pharmeasy, Vinod Keni – Artha Venture Fund, Shubham Rai – NODD app, Nidhi Saraf – Key Venture & Indranil Datta – Dreamkats. Z Nation Lab is always happy to support such missions to boost leadership skills and create leaders of tomorrow.

IMT, Nagpur has provided a huge scale & great exposure to students of Nagpur, a tier 2 city. The best part about IMT, Nagpur is that they have a dedicated & compulsory Entrepreneurship course included in the curriculum. This is similar to some of the institutes in Israel where large impetus and support is provided to aspiring entrepreneurs at institutional level. Z Nation Lab is happy & glad to be part of such an event like Pantheon 2019 and will always be willing to support the startup ecosystem.

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