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ScoutMyTrip, one of our bootcamp graduates, are working on a solution which will help you save on fuel costs post the roll out in de centralization of the fuel rates.

Heres what Deepak (co founder of Scoutmytrip) has to say about it

“One regulatory change that is soon going to come out in full force is the de centralisation of the rates for fuel. The Govt is trying this model in 5 cities for now from 1st of May. if successful, then this will be rolled out for the whole country. What this will mean, is that the next district or even the petrol station from a different company can have a rate that is different to one close to you. This is a huge step and we will have to wait and see how the systems pan out.
At ScoutMyTrip, we are already geared up for this by tapping into individual oil companies and getting live rates from them as an when it happens”

So, be sure to use to ensure that you save on fuel costs while planning your trip

About ScoutMyTrip

ScoutMyTrip is a community-driven road trip planning platform which lets users generate itineraries for their travels. These indicate the locations of petrol stations, hotels, toilets, eateries, and places to visit during the journey as per one’s interest. It is also a platform where like-minded travellers can meet and talk about their past journeys and help others plan on the basis of their experiences.
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