Openness is a harbinger of innovation. Disruptive ideas can emerge from the unlikeliest of places and hence we strive to initiate a collaboration between entrepreneurs with game changing offerings and corporates who can benefit from the same.

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Smart Cities

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Ad Tech

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We work with the innovation arms of corporates to nurture disruptive ideas by:

  • Developing a portfolio-based approach to forge partnerships with startups and global corporate innovation teams.
  • Finding and engage with the next big idea, destined to make it big, amidst a haystack of technology startups
  • Having a sector focused accelerator program for strengthening your core industry, and development through innovation.

Participating Corporations

  • Gain exposure to new disruptive technology startups
  • Collaborate with other industries/companies
  • Educate startups on your business strategy and work with them on pilot projects
  • Accelerate your time to market and realize new revenue streams

Corporate Partners